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The Mastertrap separators are used for the extraction of fine iron from wet or viscous products conveyed by a pipeline. The unit incorporates a series of ceramic or rare earth high intensity tubes, which attract and secure unwanted iron present in the product stream.  Mastertrap separators have a quick release mechanism enabling a quick and easy cleaning process reducing downtime for our clients.   Mastertrap separators are manufactured from stainless steel and comes complete with flanges or threaded ends, and are also available with a water jacket, for confectionery applications.


Stock sizes are available for 2”, 3” and 4” diameter pipelines.  Additional sizes are available up to 18” in diameter.  Maximum pressure suitable for these separators is 150 PSI.   Flow rates can range from 1 GPM to 5500 GPM and can be placed in service for virtually any industry conveying liquids and high density slurries by pipeline. 

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