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Permanent Suspension Magnet

Permanent Suspension Magnets are designed specifically for the extraction of occasional tramp iron from material being processed on the conveyor belt, vibratory feeder or gravity chute. These magnets are constructed using non-deteriorating high power ceramic magnetics and require no wires or cables to operate, as do electro type units.

The Suspension Magnet, usually a rectangular pattern, is suspended over the material being conveyed, while the ferrous material is extracted and held against the face of the magnet until manually cleaned off.

For safety and ease of cleaning, swipe arms or slider plates are available to assist in cleaning without having to touch the tramp metals. And when comparing to electro magnets, they are less expensive to purchase, operate and are virtually moisture, corrosion and flame proof.

Refuse Overband

Typical applications for the use of Permanent Suspension Magnets include removal of iron from coal, stone, fertilizers, recycled asphalt, stag, gypsum, ores and similar materials where contamination by tramp iron is occasional and continuous separation is not essential and the primary purpose is processing machinery protection.These magnets can be mounted either horizontal or inclined over the head pulley. All magnets are fitted with a set of adjustable suspension chains designed to suit application and attach to suspension lugs. Preferred installation position is over the head pulley where the burden is spread out and the material is in virtual suspension as it is discharged from the conveyor. This always provides an improved extraction of efficiency, particularly as the absence of belt troughing allows the magnet to be positioned closer to the surface of the material. However, the head pulley must be replaced with one constructed in non-ferrous material, i.e., stainless steel.

Units can be mounted on a variety of structures, including runway beams (using a trolley for suspension and movement) or A-Frame structure. Size availability covers the entire range of conveyor widths and material burden depths to 25", depending on material being separated.

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